Our highlights of recent months

Together with our customers, we achieved a lot.


Technology and digitization

  • Supported a state-owned buyer of a large software system in negotiating a contract change for the delivery of interfacing hardware, including public procurement advice
  • Providing consultancy services to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) regarding the creation of a LegalTech training module for its legal department, including internal workshops (ongoing)
  • Advising EVN token holders in the liquidation of crypto-company envion AG in respect of Swiss bankruptcy law, being the first crypto-liquidation ever conducted in Switzerland (ongoing, together with German co-counsel)
  • Advised on the design and implementation of the GDPR compliance program of a globally active Swiss industry company
  • Supported a Swiss blockchain company and its owners in negotiating their shareholders' agreement
  • Assisted two FinTech companies in drafting GDPR data processing agreements for use with their customers
  • Representing a Swiss technology company in unfair dismissal proceedings brought by a former manager (ongoing)
  • Advised a Swiss FinTech company with regard to financial market law and related queries to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as well as in contractual and privacy matters
  • Supported a Swiss MedTech company in setting up contracts for starting its maintenance and support business
  • Represented a Swiss creative agency in enforcing domain name rights
  • Supported a Swiss deep-science company spun-off from academia in its incorporation, shareholders' agreement and the usual corporate and employment matters
  • Represented a technology company in settling a labor law dispute concerning Swiss equality legislation

Growth Companies

  • Assisted a Swiss start-up in their Series B financing round, including notarization of the relevant deeds
  • Representing a consulting company before the Zurich Commercial Court (ongoing)
  • Advised a Swiss start-up in its seed financing round with French investors and its subsequent conversion to a Swiss limited company, including notarization of the relevant deeds
  • Supported a Swiss mobility company in establishing its compliance management system (ongoing)
  • Assisted a global industry company in the negotiation of a co-production agreement with a partner from the United States, including competition law advice
  • Advised the subsidiary of a large Swiss foundation in selling one of their branches in an asset deal to a Swiss buyer
  • Supporting a globally active Swiss SME in implementing distribution agreements with a host of distributors across the EMEA region, including advice regarding competition law (ongoing)
  • Advised a Swiss industry company in the process of selling one of their business units in an asset deal to a French buyer, including coordination with foreign co-counsel
  • Continuously supporting a global Swiss industry company in worldwide contract negotiations with large customers, particularly regarding the Asian market (ongoing) 
  • Assisted a Swiss sport start-up in kicking off their business, including the shareholders' agreement, the company formation and the most important contracts for running its operations
  • Helped a Swiss holding company to merge two of their subsidiaries (sister merger), including notarization of the relevant deeds
  • Supported a Swiss start-up in the increase of its share capital by conversion of several convertible loan agreements to equity, including notarization of the relevant deeds
  • Supported an investor in the acquisition of a minority stake in a Swiss healthcare company and the granting of a shareholder loan
  • Advising a founder of a start-up in a shareholder dispute (ongoing)
  • Assisted a European start-up in establishing their local subsidiary and advised on its cooperation with European partners
  • Advising a shareholder in a major shareholder dispute (ongoing)
  • Incorporated new companies across different industry sectors, many of which have entered into shareholders' agreements
  • Assisted a Swiss company in drafting standard HR policies

Real Estate and Infrastructure

  • Representing a large Swiss corporate client in contractual disputes before state courts in numerous proceedings at trial and appellate level (ongoing)
  • Established and notarized condominium development projects in Central Switzerland
  • Continuously assisting a Swiss utility provider in their corporate affairs and in various real estate matters (ongoing)
  • Advised a seller of a construction company in defending post-M&A claims
  • Advising a Swiss holding company in the context of its real estate in the Zug region (ongoing)
  • Representing the seller of real estate in cancellation proceedings regarding lost mortgage deeds (ongoing)
  • Incorporated an infrastructure company with founders coming from academia
  • Representing a sub-contractor in injunctive relief proceedings to register its builder's lien against the owner of a construction site (ongoing)
  • Notarized various transfers of real estate in Central Switzerland
  • Advised on and notarized various mortgage and easement deeds concerning real estate in Central Switzerland
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