Our highlights of 2021

Together with our customers, we achieved a lot.


Technology and Digitization

  • Supporting a major Swiss healthcare company regarding its contracting for cybersecurity services
  • Advising a company offering corporate maintenance services for listed companies on data protection and contracting
  • Supporting a major Swiss hospital in contract negotiations with a supplier of electronic health record software
  • Advising a supplier of communications equipment in employment matters
  • Advising a global supplier of electronic components in various legal matters, including research and development, licensing, IP, employment, contracting, and procurement
  • Advising a Swiss marketing company with a European wide customer base on data compliance and contractual matters
  • Advising a Swiss IT development firm in connection with the launch of a healthcare app
  • Advising a Swiss IT service provider in creating a set of standard customer contracting templates
  • Advising the founders of a FinTech on financial market law, including obtaining a FINMA ruling
  • Advising a major Swiss healthcare company on contracting for data cleaning and analysis services
  • Advising a seller of COVID-19 protective equipment in all legal matters
  • Advising a company specialized in bespoke customized solutions for the MedTech market in contractual matters
  • Advising a spinoff of the ETH domain regarding a major collaboration with an industry partner
  • Advising a MedTech company in negotiations regarding a framework service agreement with a major customer
  • Advising the manufacturer of industrial machinery in setting up a worldwide distribution network
  • Advising a Swiss engineering company in entering into a joint venture agreement with a German company
  • Advising a pharmaceutical company in connection with a new mobile application in the medical field
  • Supporting a Swiss developer of office-automation software in the negotiation of a licensing agreement with a global customer
  • Advising a US IT company on contracting with Swiss government clients
  • Advising a software company on executing an intra-group licensing agreement
  • Supporting a large government entity in negotiating a Voice-over-IP service agreement with a Swiss telecom company
  • Advising a Swiss fiduciary company in GDPR compliance
  • Advising a sport software-as-a-service company in data protection matters
  • Advising a data-driven startup regarding company structure and IP

Growth Companies

  • Supporting a technology startup in its Series A Financing Round
  • Advising an early-stage PropTech startup in structuring its convertible loans offering to business angels
  • Advising a Swiss food company in connection with its entry into the German market
  • Advising an investor syndicate on structuring its investments in various Swiss startup companies
  • Advising an investor in connection with exiting from his investments in a FinTech company
  • Advising a fiduciary company on updating its shareholders' agreement
  • Advising the buyer of a group of staff augmentation companies
  • Advising a university-backed technology startup on agreements with US counterparties and other legal questions, including employment, general contracting, and research and development
  • Advising the creator of a travel social media platform in licensing negotiations with a carmaker
  • Acting as corporate secretary in a Swiss transportation company
  • Advising a Swiss MedTech startup backed by international business angels on all corporate and financing matters
  • Advising a Swiss software-as-a-service company in connection with executing a capital increase
  • Advising a pharmaceutical company in connection with the termination of research and development agreements
  • Advising a Swiss leisure activities company in all legal matters, including employment matters and partnership agreements with government entities
  • Advising a Swiss marketing company regarding its shareholder and company structure after execution of a management buyout
  • Advising a Swiss manufacturer of machinery in setting up its international distribution system
  • Advising a Swiss FinTech company on executing its capital increase
  • Advising a Swiss PropTech in connection with brokerage laws
  • Advising the corporate venture department of a Swiss company in connection with a potential investment into a foreign company
  • Advising a startup offering a sports training app on executing its financing round
  • Advising a Swiss business angel investor in connection with various investments


Real Estate and Infrastructure

  • Advising and representing a Swiss real estate investor in litigation concerning the exercise of pre-emption rights in land
  • Representing a Swiss construction company in proceedings against its subcontractor for damages related to defects in workmanship
  • Assisting in the strategic planning of a Swiss utility company
  • Assisting in the sale of a large real estate portfolio of a Swiss company against consideration in part calculated on an earn-out basis
  • Advising a Swiss construction company in connection with a subcontractor agreement with an international general contractor
  • Acting as a notary public in the sale of real estate
  • Acting as s notary public in transactions involving the creation or amendment of securities over land
  • Acting as s notary public in transactions involving the creation or amendment of servitudes over land


Dispute Management and Restructuring

  • Advising a startup founder on exiting from his investment after a dispute with the lead investor
  • Representing an e-commerce company in injunctive antitrust proceedings against an international manufacturer
  • Representing an owner of aircraft fleet in arbitration proceedings against former operations manager
  • Advising the seller of a mechatronic company in post-M&A disputes
  • Advising and representing a venture capital investor in disputes with its co-investor
  • Representing a Swiss construction company in disputes with a government client alleging defects in workmanship
  • Representing a Swiss recycling company in litigation concerning the Swiss recycling market
  • Representing a member of the board of directors in post-insolvency liability proceedings
  • Acting as sole arbitrator in a post-M&A dispute
  • Representing a Swiss crypto-consultant in enforcing unpaid bills payable in cryptocurrency
  • Ongoing representation of creditors in the bankruptcy of the crypto-startup envion AG
  • Advising an executive director of a Swiss construction company in connection with unpaid bonus claims
  • Advising the operator of a Zurich business hotel in connection with its COVID-19 cancellation policy and related customer claims
  • Advising a Swiss infrastructure company in defending an impeding takeover
  • Advising a Swiss leisure activities company in obtaining a debt moratorium
  • Representing the creator of a textbook in connection with injunctive copyright proceedings against the publishing house
  • Representing a company in a dispute with a Swiss bank
  • Advising a Swiss company in enforcing its right to obtain access credentials to its Google Ads account against the former service provider
  • Representing a foreign commodity trader in challenging an arbitral award before Swiss Federal Supreme Court
  • Advising a Swiss company in complex debt moratorium proceedings before the insolvency court, including related appeals work and drafting of the restructuring plan


  • Advising the Swiss Federal Railways in compliance matters
  • Advising a company in the pharmaceutical field regarding regulatory matters in the COVID-19 context
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