Why we founded Lex Futura

Alain Friedrich
Alain Friedrich
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Have you ever wondered why we founded Lex Futura? What the vision behind Lex Futura is and what we want to achieve? Here are some thoughts.

A lot of people have been asking Simon and me why we started our own company. Wasn't it enough to be working for an established large corporate law firm? Weren't you happy with the work you were doing? And why would you leave the safe heaven of BigLaw and risk "your career" by building your own venture?

Well, the answer is simple: We never wanted to provide legal services the way in which it was provided in the past and in which it is still provided in most law firms. No. We have always strived for a better and more efficient way of providing legal services, not just in the interest of the customers but also of the lawyers.

By founding Lex Futura, we decided to be the change we always wanted to see in the business of law. At its core, Lex Futura is a company that provides legal and notarial services. One might say that it is a law firm. We tend to disagree. We are not a traditional "law firm". We are a legal service provider. We provide services to our customers to truly help them achieve their business goals. These services are manifold: They include providing legal advice, representing customers in court proceedings and providing notarial services for Digital Transformation, Real Estate and Infrastructure projects as well as for Growth Companies. 

What is the difference in our approach? Well, not only do we use technology to make things easier, more efficient and more enjoyable but we are also structured in a way that provides the biggest value for our customers – as a real team.

  • All standardised documents are fully automated. In the interest of our customers (but also in our own interest), we want to spend as little time on boring tasks as possible. Accordingly, we automate documents using state-of-the-art document automation software.  

  • All court submissions are done electronically. No more unproductive printing time and more productive time for our customers.

  • We live the paperless office and work anywhere and everywhere. Our lawyers are exceptionally well educated, creative and value-generating, regardless of where they work. 

  • We are a team of lawyers with individual strengths and weaknesses. Every assignment that is handled by Lex Futura is managed by the most suited expert within Lex Futura. Every customer is a customer of Lex Futura, not of lawyer A or lawyer B. We are a team, all customers are ours and we do what is best for the customer, not the individual lawyer.

I could go on and on. There is much more behind Lex Futura than meets the eye. We are not just another (new) law firm. No. We believe that the traditional model of a law firm is – frankly speaking – dead. Of course, providing legal advice and helping customers to navigate through the ever-increasing complexity of today's business world will remain as necessary as always. But how and under what structure legal services are provided will change dramatically.

In this process, we aim to position Lex Futura as one of the pioneers and want to serve as a model of Switzerland's generation of NewLaw legal service providers – with only one goal in mind: changing the way of providing legal services to the better, for customers and lawyers.

If you want to hear more or be part of the change, let's get in touch. We are always interested in visionary minds.  

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