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We focus. In order to provide you with specialized legal and notarial services tailored to your business.



Digital Transformation

Digitization is changing business and brings contractual and regulatory challenges. We are your legal partner in your digitization projects and help you to meet these challenges. Combining our legal knowledge with technical know-how, we just understand what matters in IT law today and tomorrow.


Growth Companies

Growth Companies are moving faster than the rest of business thanks to their innovative strength. Such companies need equally agile and dynamic legal advisors. That is why your growth is always at the center of our advice. Thanks to your innovative strength and our legal expertise, we will meet legal challenges together.


Real Estate and Infrastructure

Real estate and infrastructure projects often involve large construction or transaction volumes. The contracts and documents on which the projects are based are thus very important. We support you from the project idea to notarization, including project management. By mitigating legal risks, we help you to successfully implement construction and infrastructure projects.


Dispute Management

Legal disputes cannot always be prevented. We support you in proceedings before all state courts in Switzerland as well as national and international arbitration tribunals. In addition to our experience in litigation and our knowledge of the law of procedure, we are familiar with the characteristics of the following sectors: Commodities trading, aviation, technology and IT, M&A and real estate.


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