Compliance, ethics and internal investigations

Your legal and practical support to ensure and maintain your company's legal compliance.


Compliance and Ethics

Compliance with national and international laws as well as ethical behaviour are of great importance for every company, even more so in the age of the fast and global dissemination of information.

Data protection, procurement law, antitrust law, anti-corruption regulation, money laundering law, export and customs regulations and many other compliance areas must be kept in mind by every company. The consequences of non-compliance can be devastating and may trigger a corporate crisis. We support you not only with our legal expertise but especially with our experience in implementing compliance measures in practice. We analyse the legal risks in your business environment and support you in setting up internal compliance management systems and in maintaining them in the long term. We assess the existing organisational structure and, where necessary, develop it further. We will also design all necessary compliance documentation and assist you in setting up the necessary organisational changes. 

Introduction of compliance management systems

We have particular experience in the design, introduction and practical implementation of compliance management systems in medium-sized and larger companies and support you throughout the entire process - from the drafting of guidelines to the assistance with internal investigations and subsequent sanctions.

Internal and external investigations

If there is a suspicion of possible non-compliance, our procedural specialists will conduct internal investigations together with your internal team in order to identify possible violations and to be able to take the necessary steps. We also represent your interests in investigations by supervisory and law enforcement authorities and advise you on measures to remedy any problems and irregularities.

Implementation of compliance training

To train your employees, we conduct training and information events in all compliance areas and discuss the key points from a legal perspective. These events can be held at your premises, at our premises or at an external location whatever suits you best.

Data protection compliance

Compliance in the area of data protection has gained enormously in importance due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the generally increased attention paid to the protection of personal data. Our data protection specialists advise on how to act in this area and work with you to implement solutions to ensure the data protection compliance of your company.


These are just a few examples of our work in the compliance area. If your concern is different, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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