Growth Companies

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You raise capital to finance your company or particular projects and need the right documentation and legal support? We assist companies and investors in the negotiation, structuring and implementation of equity or debt financing rounds, draft investment, partnership, shareholder and other agreements and, if necessary, assume the role of project manager.

Contract drafting and negotiation

Legally reliable contracts with your business partners ensure your long-term success and business growth. Always focusing on the crucial issues, we support you in negotiating, drafting and closing business agreements with customers, employees and business partners. Our goal: to make your contract management and processes as efficient as possible without losing legal certainty. 

External counsel

Does it make sense to have your own legal department? Many SMEs are asking this question. We offer you an alternative to classic in-house versus outside counsel models. For various companies we act as permanent external legal advisors, at flat-rate prices or other alternative billing models. In doing so, we combine the knowledge of an outside counsel with the cost security of an in-house counsel.

Transactions and Restructuring

Companies are always looking for new opportunities, whether through acquisitions, divestments, management buy-outs or mergers. In these fast-paced times, it is more important than ever to reduce risks and ensure that transactions are structured and documented. We offer legal advice and project management support in corporate transactions from management buy-outs to exits and other reorganisations. We focus on medium-sized transactions and, thanks to our background in business and technology, are able to offer more than just legal advice.

Human Resources

Nowadays, human capital is an extremely important competitive advantage of a company. Legally binding employment contracts and structured incentive programs are therefore of great importance. We support you in the implementation of employment contracts, employment regulations and incentive programs such as option agreements and phantom stocks. In the event of labour disputes, we represent you before state courts.


These are just a few examples of our work for Growth Companies. If your issue is different, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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