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Our pricing

We adjust our pricing model to your needs. Hourly rates, fixed price or subscription - let’s discuss what fits you best.

Hourly rates (excl. VAT)

Legal Partner (admitted to bar, tax expert)
CHF 360-420
Legal Partner (discounted for Startups until first financing round)
CHF 300
Legal Advisor
CHF 300-360
Junior Legal Advisor
CHF 200-280
We also act as fractional counsel on a subscription basis.
Contact us for more details about our external inhouse counsel services.

We offer the following packages on fixed price basis:

Startup Formation Package

CHF 4600
(excl. VAT)
Incorporation of your Company (incl. notary fees)
Shareholders’ Agreement
Standard Employment Agreement
Advice on your IP Protection Strategy
60 min
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Employee Incentive Plan

CHF 2500
(excl. VAT)
Discovery call
Drafting of the employee incentive plan
General tax advice
30 min
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Convertible Loan
Agreement / SAFE

CHF 1500
(excl. VAT)
Discovery call
Drafting of the Agreement
General tax advice
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Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for Tech Companies

CHF 390
(excl. VAT)
Protects confidential information
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More packages will follow soon.
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